Thursday, August 29, 2013

Life is full of changes

Who would of thought 2013 would be our year of change.....

It started with a feeling something promising is in the air. I met with my lawyer who has guided me though the war zone of my Uncles conservatorship. We talked about what the next step would be if I chose to stay in our families home (which was left to me) or if I should start an exit plan so my relatives could receive their inheritance. I thought and prayed, cried and fasted and finally the Lord made me realize the house was an idol in my life. Every decision was about me keeping "my house"

It was never really mine, I had hoped of hosting big family dinners, with all the kids running around. I had dreamed of home always full of love and joy. Well that did not happen, due to grief and anger my relationship with my brother have suffered. In hopes of restoring relationship I chose to move and the house is on the market.

We looked and looked found a house, lost a house, then finally we found a sweet little house for our family. This by far was our hardest move ever, it was hot and I was crying every step of the way.  Two months into the new home it is fresh, free from the past, and peaceful.


I have attended most of my life one church. It hold so many fond memories.  Our church as been blessed with another campus but across a bit away. The leadership decide that the college group must meet there. My oldest is now in the college group and we are faced with us not worshipping together anymore. My younger daughters do not want to go to the other campus. I am so grief stricken by this an I know at some point they will go their own way and do their own things, but I am not ready!!!!

My perfect would be for all of us to build home on a Cull-de-sac and take turns for Sunday dinners and their children would be best friend along with the perfect husbands. I know can you say la-la land.

Well in my desire to not let go I have kept my sweet daughter from driving, It was selfish on my part. We are fixing that! I hope by the end of Sept she will have her license.

MY JOB....

I have tried so many time to go back to work. Either it was too many late nights or difficult personalities (both sides). I just struggled with finding a great fit. I think I did this time. My wonderful boss has been great at easing me into a almost 40 hour week.

I am trying to embrace what comes next as I do not have any control. It is not the holli show lol.
I don't know what is next on this journey but I do know that God is in control if we surrender to his will what ever come will be full of blessings and joy.

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